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  • Autopilot UNTAPPED buyer traffic from one of the world’s most respected platforms
  • Breakthrough push-button technology brand new for 2021
  • Promote any link to thousands of hungry buyers instantly WITHOUT paid ads
  • 100% beginner friendly: no tech skills or experience needed
  • DFY monetized campaigns included for an all-inclusive solution
  • No email list, website or other tools needed!
  • Set & forget traffic campaigns in 60 seconds or less - PROOF BELOW

All The Buyer Traffic You’ll Ever Need


This revolutionary app does more than deliver you floods of FREE buyer traffic from:

One Of The 5 TOP Social Networks In The USA

A Platform Where 40% BUY After Seeing A Post

Over 330 MILLION
Active Users

With top-converting, DONE-FOR-YOU offers built in …it’s like a complete “business-in-a-box”.

Plus the ability to reach these buyers directly from inside the app ...

(you don’t even need an autoresponder with this)

And because 80% of them connect from their smartphones …

This 1st-ever tech lets you promote to UNLIMITED BUYERS 24/7

Wherever they are …

Instantly …

And it’s all automated.

It Happens In Just

3 Simple Steps

Step #1

Login & Target Millions Of Buyers By Niche Or Keyword

Step #2

Watch The App Instantly Find You Laser Targeted Traffic

Step #3

Promote The Built-In Offers Or Your Own For Free Leads & Sales
Then just sit back as TweetX KEEPS GROWING your traffic & results on autopilot!

This Groundbreaking App Is Getting Us

Amazing Results

Beta Testers Of All Levels

Love Their TweetX Results

You Will Too!

"After using TweetX I realized it's one of the best tools to generate traffic. It drives free, highly targeted, laser traffic to my Twitter page.

Now I need to flood my page with the right content and my business will be skyrocketed! I am completely blown away. I STRONGLY recommend TweetX to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online business!"

- Nickaldo C. Harvey

Traffic solution TweetX! Allow to reach tremendous potential traffic according to a few clicks set by your keywords, Thanks Bill, Saurabh, Sid Red for helping solve my customer issue.

- Edison Hon

As a newbie in Affiliate Marketing, although I was plowing away, I had obstacles that were limiting me to move forward in getting numbers and reaching the masses that I wanted.

After getting access to "TweetX" which helped me generate passive income has made a huge difference.

TweetX has given me the formula I needed with an amazing chrome extension which allows me to follow targeted audiences on Twitter and make passive profits while I sleep!

- Kaleem'z Marketing

Social media is really not made for business, traffic is saturated, a lot of grind and no one is in a buying mode.

Today's biggest lesson. I'm wrong.

With TweetX, everything is automated.

Life is able to move on and still have traffic constantly going to offer what I picked up.
Thanks for inviting me to join TweetX beta testing.

TweetX really makes the Virtual ATM idea come to life

- Ozkar Su

TweetX is a super handy tool that allowed me to drive a lot of traffic to my fiverr gigs and affiliate campaigns. I like it because it works like clockwork and I don’t really have to spend much of my time on Twitter but I still get nice results.

- Max Gerstenmeyer

Oh my days.... I was taken by surprise! I had the privilege of getting early access to TweetX and it started working right out of the gate! I don't have to sit here and do things manually anymore because TweetX is getting me traffic once I hit the button. Traffic is always a challenge and you either have to pay with your money or your time to get targeted traffic. But with TweetX, I don't have to pay with either. Love it.

- Nanda Brougham


Getting Free Traffic, Leads & Sales

Almost Effortlessly

It Can Be Easy As ...

  • Picking a niche or keyword (less than 30 seconds & we show you how)
  • Activating TweetX to unlock targeted buyer traffic
  • Plugging in ANY offer you want (including multiple included DFY campaigns proven to convert)
  • Automatically promoting to thousands of buyers instantly
  • Enjoying passive results as the app keeps growing your traffic 24/7

And It All Happens With …

No Content Creation | No Tech Stuff | No Paid Ads!

We Found An Opening In The Matrix ...

The Ultimate Free Buyer Traffic Loophole

But unlike many apps that use ‘traffic’ sources that are so mysterious …

… no one’s ever heard of them …

The traffic source we’re tapping into is used:

  • By 23% of ALL internet users
  • By 77% of Americans who make $75,000 or more / year
  • By 63% of people aged 35 - 65 … a DREAM buyer demographic

Our not-so-secret traffic source?

Twitter - and it’s an absolute GOLDMINE right now.

Here’s why:


Most marketers admit they’re 
not promoting enough (or at all) 
 on Twitter

Hungry Buyers

40% of Twitter users BUY something after seeing a tweet about it

Epic Growth

Recently more influencers have become active on Twitter … causing a surge in popularity … it’s the hottest untapped traffic online 
right now
So unlike every other social media network …

Totally saturated with advertisers & marketers pushing products non-stop …

Twitter is wide open for the taking right now!

TweetX exploits 
this goldmine …

It unlocks this free traffic AND lets you promote for profit …

While being 100% Twitter compliant.

So you can get a huge 1st mover advantage ...

To leverage this epic traffic source for personal gain ...

With never-before-seen automations that make it LITERALLY …

Push. Button. Simple.

Hey Jono Armstrong here

Whatever stage you’re at …

Whether that’s chasing your 1st commission (like I was just a few years ago) …

Or scaling to 6+ figures a month, which is what my business does now …

You need great traffic.

But most sources are either WAY too expensive
or completely saturated.

So it’s almost impossible for beginners to get ahead …

Until now

Recently I met these 3 superstar marketers:

Bill Ang, Sid Red & Saurabh Gopall.

They’ve innovated a free traffic technology more powerful than anything I’ve seen online …
A revolutionary plug & play app that:
  • Unleashes unlimited, free buyer traffic …
  • From an authority platform that’s untapped by the competition
I liked it so much, I helped them add BUILT-IN MONETISATION from multiple DFY campaigns …

Making this an all-inclusive system for traffic & commissions.

Whether you’re brand new or have been in the game for years …

This is the best & last traffic software you’ll ever need.

Laser Targeted Traffic To 
ALL Your Money Links

Fast | Free | Automated

Right now in 2021 …

There are a lot of problems with online traffic.
  • Most popular platforms are saturated
  • Ad costs are so high, most beginners are priced out of the market
  • Consumers have attention spans shorter than the average goldfish
  • And don’t even START with the iOS 14.5 update (bye bye FB targeting)
And even though Twitter seemed like the ultimate solution …

It wasn’t perfect because:

  • There wasn’t a way to automate it So even getting a trickle of traffic meant hours of manual work
  • Twitter has some of the tightest terms of service out there But that’s exactly why the buyer traffic is so untapped!
TweetX changes everything.
his next generation app ...

Turns Twitter into the PERFECT traffic source for digital marketers.

With automations that let you generate & message floods of buyers at once …

all while staying 100% compliant.

There’s nothing else like it anywhere …

And the results are out of this world … see for yourself:

TweetX Case Studies From Independent Users

2 Sales In Under 24 Hours

“Get this set up straight away & get that traffic 
going to your campaigns”
- Paula-Maree Roberts

2 Sales In Under 24 Hours

“Drive highly targeted traffic in any niche … 
get more leads, customers & ultimately sales”
- Brian Alcock

2 Sales In Under 24 Hours

CASE STUDY VIDEO Max Gerstenmeyer
“TweetX can do ALL THE WORK for you. And it can bring you traffic and sales as well
- Max Gerstenmeyer

TweetX Makes It SO EASY

To Have Amazing Success Like They Are


Free Buyer Traffic

The TweetX smart app connects you with up to 330 million buyers on Twitter

Automated Promos & Messaging

Blast your promos to thousands of targeted users in 1 click …

And DM your hottest leads to skyrocket conversions

DFY Campaigns

Multiple proven, top-converting campaigns 100% ready-to-go …

Plus promote ANY offer you want at ANY time!
All this & more from inside one dashboard.

Finally, a better way to get profitable online traffic.


The best free buyer traffic, automated

  • 100% beginner friendly Absolutely no experience or tech skills needed
  • Rock solid traffic you can count on Direct from Twitter, THE authority platform
  • Built-in monetization Multiple proven-to-convert, 100% DFY campaigns included
  • Virtually unlimited FREE buyer traffic Connect with 330 million untapped buyers
  • Point & click automation Send floods of laser targeted buyers to ANY LINK with a single click
  • Extremely passive Activate a campaign once & TweetX will keep growing your traffic on autopilot

Save Over 84% With Launch-Exclusive ONE-TIME Pricing

TweetX Automates Free Traffic To Make Us

$347+ In Daily Passive Profits

This Smart App Does It All So You Don’t Have To!

With TweetX There’s:

NO creating content or videos
NO making your own products
NO paying for ads
NO mind-numbing research
NO paying for experts
NO more wasted time
NO boring forum posting
NO learning copywriting
NO competing on saturated platforms

This App Works LIGHTNING Fast

By Automating Free Twitter Traffic Like Never Before

With A Single Click TweetX Lets You:

Find & Follow

Buyer leads in ANY niche by 
keyword or hashtag

Mass Promote

Tweet any link to thousands of buyers 
targeted by keyword

Direct Message

Your hottest leads for explosive conversions 
on your best offers
It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch …

Or have been using Twitter for years.

TweetX is the fastest shortcut to free buyer traffic, followers & now …

It’s like having your own PERSONAL promotion platform!

In Their Own Words …

9 out of 10 TweetX beta testers admitted they hadn’t been using Twitter before.

(see why Twitter traffic is so untapped ???)
What they told us about TweetX:
They were shocked by how easy AND FAST the app got them free traffic …

... and turned it into commissions.

Game. Changer.

You Get Everything We’re Using To

Unlock Free Traffic & Passive Commissions

The TweetX App

1-Click Autopilot Traffic

Virtually unlimited FREE traffic, now at your fingertips.

Enter a single keyword & TweetX starts generating traffic from 330 million users … on autopilot.
  • Find & follow niche targeted users
  • Tweet your promos INCLUDING LINKS to thousands of buyers instantly
  • DM your hottest leads to skyrocket conversions
TweetX practically turns Twitter into your personal free traffic source!

Five 100% DFY Campaigns

Instant Monetisation

TweetX lets you promote ANY link you want: affiliate promos, eCom products, your own offers, lead pages … anything.

To give you a massive head start whether you’re a beginner or just want a FAST 2nd income stream …

You get 5 of our top-converting campaigns, completely done-for-you.

These plug & play evergreen offers are ready-to-go straight out of the box …

Many of our beta testers have got SAME DAY results from these ...
The easiest way to turn free traffic into commissions!

Over-The-Shoulder Profit Training

Your Shortcut To Results

Step-by-step videos walk you through using the app …

And SPECIFIC strategies for generating the most traffic & profit possible.

So if you’re like most of our beta testers & don’t know much about Twitter …

Don’t worry because you’re covered!

The app does 99% of the heavy lifting for you already …
Here you’ll see how to unlock the best results from this untapped traffic source!


Skyrocket Past Your Wildest Dream$ With ...

Done For You HIGH TICKET Campaign

Make A Massive $500 Commission
From EVERY Conversion!

We’re including a unique high-ticket offer that’s PERFECT for Twitter traffic.

It’s been tested, perfected & optimized to convert …

So you can start seeing “super affiliate” results like us!
Everything’s set up for you.

Just tweet or DM your pre-approved link to your TweetX traffic … and watch the magic happen.

Save $100s / Year

Hassle-Free Hosting Included!

To make your life even easier
(and save you a lot of cash every year) …

We’re hosting ALL the included DFY offers for you.

You won’t need websites or domains.

You won’t need to pay a penny for hosting.

This makes TweetX as close as it gets to a 100% PURE PROFIT system.

How TweetX Gets You


Than Anything Else In 2021

Push button easy
Enter any keyword & it generates traffic on autopilot
Laser-targeted buyers
Finds the perfect audience 
for your offers
Over 330 MILLION 
untapped users
Practically eliminate competition with the internet’s best kept traffic secret!
Mass promote & 
direct message
Promote your money links to thousands of buyers at once & DM your hottest leads 
100% free traffic
No paid ads needed, ever!
DFY monetisation
From multiple built-in, top-converting campaigns
High ticket commissions
From the built-in $500 payout offer
‘Pure profit’ system
Hosting included & no overhead costs
Absolutely no tech skills, background or Twitter experience needed!

All that and ...

No Monthly Fees When You Get In Now !!!

Sounds Great … What’s The Catch?

With everything TweetX does for you …

Automates Free Buyer Traffic From Twitter In 
A Single Click

Lets You Promote All Your Money Links By Mass  Tweet & DM

DFY Monetisation From Built-In Top Converting Campaigns

*** PLUS the included HIGH TICKET offer that pays $500 commissions *** could expect to pay AT LEAST $97 / month.

Which is what we plan on raising the price to shortly.

But because we know how tough it is for new marketers to get traffic these days …

And because this technology is so advanced …

The traffic it gets you is completely untapped ...

We’re excited to make it available right now for an incredibly low, ONE-TIME fee.

But hurry, because this amazing discount will not last.
YES I’m Ready For Unlimited Free Buyer Traffic
And I Want To Save Before The Price Goes Up

What’s That, You Want Even More?


Take Home These Custom Bonuses To MAXIMIZE Your Results When You Get TweetX Right Now!

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What are you waiting for? Dive in!

Make The Right Choice 
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How Do You Want Things To Be?

  • Trading time for money in a job you hate
  • Wasting time & money on methods that don’t work
  • Being jealous of others that get ahead
  • Staying frustrated, stressed & unfulfilled

Or You Could Choose A BETTER Way And

Grab TweetX Right Now

Your Unlimited Free Traffic Shortcut

  •  Cutting edge app for FREE buyer traffic direct from Twitter
  • Unlimited versatility to promote anything you want 24/7 to targeted buyers
  • DFY monetisation with built-in campaigns including high ticket
  • Step-by-step training & VIP support to ensure your success!
The choice is clear, we’re sure you’ll agree.

So hit the buy button below to start getting traffic & results TODAY.

Because We’re 100% In Your Corner …

You Get An IRONCLAD Money Back Guarantee

Love TweetX Or It Doesn’t Cost You A Dime

The TweetX 30 Day Unconditional 
100% Money Back Guarantee

Look - even though we’re 100% confident you’ll do great with this results-backed app …

It’s your choice and we don’t want any doubt in your mind.

So you’re covered by an unbreakable money back guarantee that puts all the risk on US.

Pick up TweetX now and enjoy it for the next 30 days.

Use it to grab & monetize all the free traffic you can handle.

See how amazing the included DFY offers convert.

Take things to the next level with our profit maximizer training.

If you ever have a question or tech issue, support is just a click away.

But if for some reason we can’t imagine … and haven’t seen before from all these testers …
You decide TweetX isn’t everything we say it is …

Just let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund every penny of your tiny investment.

Because if you don’t love this as much as we do, you don’t pay.

Just like using the app 

It’s that simple.
So Grab Your Risk Free License Now
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With TweetX We’re Able To

Save Time & Make More

Isn’t That What You Want Too?

  • Unlock the best free traffic online
  • Save hours of frustration & thousands on systems that don’t work
  • Finally get the results you deserve with the most cutting-edge app available today
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 How does TweetX generate free traffic?

This app works directly with Twitter to let you follow, tweet & message unlimited users based on keywords or hashtags.

There’s nothing like it anywhere …. It’s automated and is 100% compliant with Twitter, so you get a massive 1st mover advantage with your access.

  How beginner friendly is this?

Put it this way … we’ve bought and tried pretty much EVERY traffic app out there …

And nothing is as easy or user-friendly as TweetX!

You don’t need any tech skills or even any online marketing experience, to do great with this.

  How long does it take to get started?

That’s the best part of TweetX!

Our beta testers have all gotten SAME DAY results …

and while that will vary from person to person, it shows you what’s possible.

  Is there a money back guarantee?

Absolutely yes! You get 30 full days to check this out, risk-free. If for any reason you’re not thrilled, you get your money back.